"The idea of Global Gutz is to have a live traffic bicycle courier race in lots of cities all over the world, starting simultaneously, e.g. at 1 p.m. in San Francisco, and 4 p.m. in New York, etc. and held over a given distance and a given amount of checkpoints in an effort to try to make race conditions as equal as possible for everyone."
check out the global results and more information here.

raced my first alleycat this saturday and came in second.
the race course was easy and fast and took us from the Severinsbrücke to Zollstock, back to the riverside, down the river to Mühlheim where we crossed the bridge and headed towards the finish line at the Südbrücke. I was lucky to see the finish line first and could sprint away from a pack of four riders.
the winner Kai did an awesome job and truly deserved the victory. he broke away from the field of 10 riders shortly after start. he rode alone in the wind the first third of the race. even when we closed the gap he was still the one in front, making the pace.
congratulation to Kai and Rupe who came in third and thanks to Norbert for creating the race course.

total distance: 21,3km
time kai: 34:38
my time : 34:42


  1. jetzt biste fit, wa?


  2. danke, hatte ja genug training die letzten wochen.