FLYING WITH YOUR BIKE.... actually very easy!
we flew with germanwings into MARSEILLES and back to CGN out of BARCELONA, extra charge for the bike was 35,- one way.
I was scared my bike would get damaged, so I wrapped all the tubes in isolation foam from the homestore and put the bike into a cardbox from a local bike shop (thank you, radfieber!)
the bike arrived fine in MARSEILLES.

in BARCELONA we didn't have the time or chance to get any of the materials from the first flight, so we simply wrapped our bikes in bubble foil (thank you my beautiful parking!)
the bikes returned safely to CGN.


this year's cycling trip took me and two good friends from MARSEILLES to BARCELONA.
700km along the coastline, crossing CAMARGUE, LANGUEDOC, seaside PYRENEES and COSTA BRAVA. check out some pictures below!