winter is coming with giant steps, no chance to get some training miles after work so it's time to get back to the track.
here are some nice pictures from this summer and tonights training session at the Albert Richter Bahn in Cologne.


two weeks ago I raced the muensterland giro, my first road race ever.
it was a very cold and windy day, fortunately the weather report was wrong, we got away dry. we started in the last flight of 1300 riders on the 110 km route . the good thing is that you keep overtaking people all the time. the downturn is, that you have to ride in the wind a lot, that costs a lot of energy, especially on such a windy day.
in the first 30 min we saw a bunch of crashed riders but when the peloton finally stretched, riding was pretty easy.
the route took us trough the east countryside of Muenster. the best thing was passing small villages with all residents on the street, cheering and scraming, marching bands playing...great fun. here is a pre-race picture.