that would be the perfect place to hang out.
metzger bike shop detroit in the year 1912, selling breakless bikes and phonographs.

found on goldsprint


I wish you all a merry christmas with your loved ones!


finally some pictures of my new whip and the components I used. since winter came so early and with such impact, I'll postpone the "bling-bling" new bike post to spring next year, when the snow has melted and I can clean everything properly without severely freezing my hands. until then, I'll just keep riding it.

the SINGULAR PEREGRINE is a great frameset. it is not light but still agile, the geometry with it's flat angles and shorter top tube is more comfortable than a road bike and gives you good control, even in conditons that we are facing right now.

I'm using SCHWALBE RACING RALPH tyres which have very good grip in snow and mud. they are not very good on ice or re-frozen snow on the streets, I guess a studded tyre like the MARATHON WINTER

another great feature as a "can-do-it-all" bike is the dynohub powered lighting system from BUSCH & MUELLER. I use the 60 lux version of their IQ CYO series and it's really bright and focused.

as you can see in the pictures above, I switched from the NITTO MOUSTACHE handlebars to a road bar setup. I do like the special look of the moustache bars but was not really happy with hand positions and the overall width. if you are interested in those bars, I'm selling them for 40 euros. leave your e-mail adress in the comments and I'll get in touch with you.