unfortunately it's all in japanese, but there are really nice racing and training scenes, worth the watch!


so true!



gaku just uploaded a nice edit of an alleycat in february.
it was puetz's goddbye weekend, one of the founders and ceo's of bike syndikat moved to south france. good luck!
the race was won by Eduard, Dennis took the second and Marcel the third place.

Ghetto Cologne Alleycat 2010 from Ghetto Cologne on Vimeo.


the first edition of a new cycling exhibition will take place on the last weekend in march in the SPORT+OLYMPIAMUSEUM in Cologne.
it's mainly aimed at recreational-, family- and touring-cyclist but you will also have the chance to see and try some fixed gear related stuff.
bike syndikat will have a booth and will host the bike polo court on the roof of the museum.
peoples store/ traffic production will display charge, se racing, leader bikes and the first appearance of the esb built by the man himself, Superted from london.

check out the website for all information you need.
see you around


I just received a mail from the guys at pedal pogo, someone is planning a groupride on sunday.
14:00 at conti hotel/ BRUESSELER STRASSE

I don't have any more info, I guess we have to show up to find out.


I didn't post much over the past two months due to lack of motivation. cycling was not fun during this winter with all that snow, ice, cold feet, cold hands...
but I can feel the spring coming, I finished preparing my new roadbike and my new fixed whip is also nearly finished. I'll post some pictures of my bikes shortly, just like gaku did. (lovely bikes by the way!)

I heard rumors that there will be some bike polo action at the cycolonia exhibition end of march, I'll let you know about the details soon.

another interesting event this month is the stalen ros bicycle show in NEERKANT, NETHERLANDS. a show and marketplace(!) for pre 1980's roadbikes, check out the flyer:

found at rotterdam fixed gear

and this is an amazing video I just spotted over at prolly

Chris Akrigg THE MAURICE.0 from chris akrigg on Vimeo.