what a day!
took off early in the sunshine, found my route and rode very relaxed towards dunkerque. I wanted to take the ferry at 1400, so I took it easy, made a lot of brakes to enjoy the sunshine and drink coffee verkeerd.
at 2/3 of the way I met a cycle tourist from amsterdam going towards south france. he took the ferry from dunkerque once and told me that the ferry terminal was nearly 25 km from the centre. that totally killed my timing, from there on I really had to push it hard to make the ferry. I flew into dunkerque to get directions but the tourist information was closed and 4 of the 5 locals I asked refused to answer. thank you! I arrived at the ferry terminal at 1330 and the guy at the ticket office said I was too late for security controls, next available ferry would be 1600. I was totall bummed but decided to go to security control anyhow and the lady just waved me through and I could cycle into the belly of the ferry just before they closed it. jippiieee. one nice french made my day, merci!
took a nap on the ferry and enjoyed a break from the hard cycling.

setting foot to english territory, it started to rain, of course!
I planned to take the national cycle route 1 towards Deal, Sandwich into Canterbury.
after carrying my bike up the steps to the white cliffs and pushing it through sand paths, I changed plans and went for the regional cycle route 16.
after pushing my bike up two steep, one mile climbs, I had to change my plans again.
I decided to take the main rout A2 into canterbury, it runs on top of the hills without steep climbs. the big downturn is, that it is a dual carriage way road with cars and hgv's passing you at about 90 km/h, totally insane!
finally arrived in Canterbury safe at my hostel, the Kipps, really nice and cosy place.


  1. Respect ! Good luck on the A2 tomorrow, try to ride a little bit "Schnellaaaaaa" to go with the flow. About 80km/h should work. Take care !

  2. geat, only 60 miles and you are in London.
    Keep left!

  3. Hope your mama told you to wear a helmet and always eat enough. Otherwise I have to do so.
    Take care for the rest of the trip!