left canterbury early in bad weather, heading towards Honey Hill. I wanted to avoid going on the main rote A2 until the motorway M20 is running in parrallel from Faversham onwards. traffic was okay, no dual carriageways, no high speed truck passing. nonetheless I bought a reflective vest for increased visibilty and that also made me feel a little safer than on day four. (updated with pictures now). I joined the national cycle route from Erith onwards, going just alongside the Thames. the scenery on the path is very strange, almost hostile since the route mostly runs through deserted industrial sites and rotten harbours. and you loose so much time because it's more like a cyclocross track with potholes, steps, guardrails, gravel...

finally arrived in London, received my honour batch and now I will enjoy the city and spend time with steffi, so there probably won't be any updates until next week.
there's going to be reviews on the gear I used, exact routes I travelled, facts&figures, lessons learned and so on. you don't want to miss that.

thank you all for following my trip and the supportive comments, that really helped my motivation.


  1. THUMPS UP! Und grüß mir Dein Mädel!


  2. Congrats!!!!

    Grüße nach London von Ben und Claudi

  3. du bist der geilste!

  4. Congratulation!
    I´m afraid, I´am late.
    Iit was a very good job.
    greats Gertrud